The objective of Ore Construction is to offer the broad scope of services our clients require whether the project is large or small. This process starts when you contact Ore Construction; a Project Executive will discuss the requirements of your project and help to develop a project overview. We recognize the importance of timely estimates and this information will allow us to prepare a cost summary that truly reflects the project.

In an effort to provide the most comprehensive and cost effective budgets; Ore Construction is not signatory to any craft union agreements, this neutral status allows us to solicit the best proposals from both signatory and non-signatory subcontractors. We understand the trust placed in our firm with every project a client entrusts us with. The “Open Book” philosophy aided by technology along with our expansive subcontractor base allows us to service our clients honestly, with better information, and price point than most other firm.

Throughout the project we know communication is the key to success, we will keep you informed and we encourage your active involvement. We are passionate about our business and we want that to transcend the day to day efforts of the building process. From start to finish our goal is to provide you the most professional and informative process in the industry.


Bob and Julie Ore


Bob P. Ore

Bob has over thirty years of construction experience. He is responsible for the oversight of the field operations, pre-construction services, subcontract negotiations, schedule maintenance, budgeting, and coordination of all parties involved in the construction process as well as estimating, and marketing. Project experience includes Commercial, Industrial, Public Works, Commercial Restaurants, and High Density Multi-Family .

Bob has been a Senior Partner and RMO for several prominent commercial construction firms, including Senior Project Executive for Taisei Construction. For the past several years Bob has been working to establish new relationships with these firms as well as creating new procedural methods for warranty, schedule adherence, and cash flow for implementation. These relationships have benefitted all firms involved over the years and we maintain a strong relationship with these firms today.


Julie A. Ore, CPA 

Julie has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with an Accounting emphasis from CSU Sacramento.  She has been a Licenced Certified Public Accountant since 1989.  Her experience includes 18 years in public accounting before solely focusing on Construction Accounting for the last 10 years. Her extensive knowledge of the construction industry and its unique accounting requirements are a great service to this firm. Her duty consists of all accounting functions and is directly responsible for corporate financial reporting. Her extensive auditing experience simplifies our third party reporting requirements for projects that have Prevailing Wage or Tax Credit components.

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