Ore Construction has worked in cooperation with several developers throughout Northern California to assist them with their due diligence on several projects. We are well disciplined in providing accurate financial feasibility analysis, funding forecasts, scheduling timelines, program analysis, and consultant review. Our turnaround time for these services is some of the best in the business.


Ore Construction relationships with the Brokerage Community, Funding Sources, and Insurance Companies has allowed our data base to remain current and cutting edge.

1. PRO FORMA • the essential analytical tool to determine if a project has the capacity for capital return



Land cost can be reviewed against the current economic conditions and location



Entitlements can be reviewed for their economic feasibility


Structure costs can be analyzed for the best and highest use of the proposed project


Carry cost can be determined






Familiarity of the process for approval


Knowledge of areas criteria and hot points


Expediting of Plans/Permits


Preparation of Agency Documents


LEED Requirements





With our Tradesman contacts we have the unique ability to serve the client with our ongoing relationships both from the design entity as well as the end user.


Joint Trench – this work is the lifeblood of any project and determining the service availability and the actual suppliers for each area to ascertain contract commitments is critical in the costing of any project


Inclusionary Housing – this can be have a severe financial impact on any project if the parameters of the jurisdiction are not understood, our ongoing involvement with TCAC Housing keeps our firm up to date with the most relevant legislative requirements


CC&R’s / OCIP – our involvement in these two critical areas can be beneficial to our client, our experience in the ongoing operations of projects has streamlined the process of the CC&R’s review and key elements that should be implemented ; our ongoing business with the Insurance Market allows for some of the most reasonable pricing available.

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