Ore Construction fields a Team of well seasoned professionals that encompass the competence that can only be achieved by practical field experience. Each member has navigated the challenges of the regulatory jurisdictions, financial commitments, schedule deadlines and has the steadfastness necessary to meet the client’s requirements.

Ore Construction considers the formation of the project team to be our most important responsibility to consistently producing on time and on budget projects. With the projects team early involvement, it assures our in depth knowledge of each project and that of the client, essentially becoming an extension of our client’s staff. Our team is Capable, Committed and Accountable.

1. ESTIMATING • Based on our extensive historical data and subcontractor base will allow our clients and their professional consultants to make timely and informed decisions


Conceptual Design Estimates - are provided with the Program Design issued by the Client and our accuracy is consistently within ten percent (10%) of the fully developed Construction Budget

Schematic  Design Estimates  - are provide with the Schematic Design issued by the Client further refining the Conceptual Estimate into a Unitized Budget Element


Design Development Estimates  - are provided with the Design Development issued by the Client and our accuracy is within five percent (5%) of the fully developed Construction Budget


Construction Document Estimates – are provided for projects that are designed and specified by the Client or have been developed through the Design Development Phase. These estimates are turnkey, contingencies are only carried at the Clients request.


2. SCHEDULING • Microsoft Project is our primary software but have extensive experience in Primavera, schedules are developed by the Project Executive and maintained by the Project Manager and Site Superintendent


Pre Construction Schedule – these schedules are included in all our Master Schedules and describe the Milestone Task required by each entity to bring the project to groundbreaking

Production Schedules – these schedules are developed at the Design Development Estimate Phase and portray the critical tasks, milestones, durations of each vendor and anticipate the everyday challenges that are presented with any project.


Submittal/Shop Drawing Schedules – these schedules are developed at the Design Development Estimate Phase and reflect the individual requirements of each project and the responsibilities of the subcontractors and material suppliers


Master Schedules – these schedules are developed at the time of the Construction Budget and include the Pre Construction Schedule, Submittal Schedule, Model Schedule (if applicable) and the Production Schedule.


3. STAFFING• Coordinating the Project Team is the crucial element in creating the synergy for each project


Project Executive – is the overall point of responsibility for each project and has the responsibility to oversee the Budget from conception to completion, Master Schedule, Contract Execution, and oversight of the Team


Project Manager – is responsible for the site staff as well as the ongoing operations of the project, including: product procurement, schedule maintenance, submittals, shop drawings, monthly payment applications and overall production


Project Engineer – is responsible for the ongoing coordination of information required by the site Superintendent and subcontractors including: submittal preparation and distribution, quality control walks, compliance inspections with appropriate sign offs, final punch walks with client as well as warranty closeout


Site Superintendent – is responsible for the actual field production including: schedule adherence, safety, subcontractor coordination meetings, manpower resourcing, jurisdictional site inspections, site appearance, and financial oversight of the work in place

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