The concept of Design / Build can be beneficial to both the client and contractor in several ways. The one source control of the program systems can be used to expedite many of the design, engineering, construction, and permitting activities to proceed simultaneously. The involvement of our Design/Build vendors and staff can benefit the overall project design program with one source responsibility for timely completion and financial responsibility to the design eliminating costly change orders during construction.


Ore Construction completed many projects under this process with a “Win-Win Team Concept” between client, design consultants and contractor. The options available under this scenario vary and we are capable of all phases.

1. PROGRAM DESIGN • Ore Construction maintains relationships with many of the regions professional Architectural / Engineering firms.


Client furnishes Architect for Conceptual Design


Many times the Client will have a Conceptual Design that has met all the Pre Approvals of the Jurisdictional Authorities but has not procured the remaining consultants to complete the project through the Construction Document Phase


Ore Construction will provide the Design / Build Team to complete the MEP / Structural. This approach allows the Client to maintain an unimpeded Aesthetic Design with the systems developed within the constraints of the Clients vision


Contractor furnishes Architect for Conceptual Design

This early involvement works well with established Program features designated by the Client. Many times the Client will have an end user procured and will need to meet the criteria of their use.


Ore Construction will provide a complete service for the Client with our Design/Build Team. This arrangement often works well with Multi-Family and Specialty Construction Projects (Clean Rooms/Laboratories/Data Centers/Manufacturing) This allows the Client to oversee the process with

the end user and still have control of the costs without the continuous oversight of the Design Team

and its coordination.


2. SOLE SOURCE / TURNKEY PROJECTS • Ore Construction and its Design / Build Team can select the best methods and materials to assure the project design remains on budget

and on time.


Contractor responsible for overall financial control compliance with Control Budget


Financial responsibility is maintained by the continuous review of the systems design and the Control Budget established in the Clients  Conceptual Design. This is paramount when time is of the essence. These efforts negate the costly redesign by consultants who are not tied to the actual implementation of the work in the field.


Contractor responsible for timely completion


Timely completion is the key to any successful project. The integration of the Design/Build Team eliminates the delay and conflicts that arise from designs that are established without the input of the forces actually performing the work. The Design Team must solve its own oversights or field issues without repercussions to the client.

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