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We contacted Bob Ore after we lost our home during the Valley Fire in 2015. We had never used a contractor before to build a house, so we were not sure how to proceed. Bob took on our job and soon had a contract in place and he went over every detail of the contract and explaining it to us. During the whole process, we meet with Bob regularly so that he could brief us on the building progression, and to keep us informed of our decisions that we had to make along the way. Bob was very budget conscious and kept the project on time. We moved in to our new home exactly in the time frame that Bob said we would at the beginning of the project. We were impressed with Bob’s professionalism while handling our house rebuild. We highly recommend Bob Ore for your next building project.


Eric & Jacquie Stricklind

Cobb, CA

We had a home built by Ore Construction after we lost our previous home from a wild fire. Ore Construction worked with us and our insurance company to get us a beautiful well-built home. Ore Construction used quality materials and workmanship to build a home with special touches to make the home the way we wanted. Ore Construction also took on working with the insurance company to get the monies due us for mandated upgrades required on new construction. We love our new home.

Donald & Mary Einarsson

Lakeport,  CA

Bob has completed two insurance projects for me. When I was at my wits end with my insurance adjuster on my first project, Bob offered his help in dealing with my adjuster. He was able to complete my project swiftly and effectively, going above and beyond what any other contractor would have done. My job was completed in a timely fashion, and well within the agreed upon budget. When faced with another, relatively small, insurance project, I again called Bob. This time he offered to take the lead with the insurance agent from the start. By doing so with the second project, he has been able to complete the second project in record time. The additional project was completed for less than the estimate and I received the discount for the under-budget project. I can’t say enough about how kind, courteous and efficient Bob and his crew are. Both of my projects were small, but I was treated as if my projects were worth a million dollars, instead of the mere thousands that they actually were.

Sue Jansen

Lakeport,  CA

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